Tablet and Mobile Strategy

For publishers and media companies, an effective mobile strategy is no longer optional. Your customers are likely already using your product on their tablets and smartphones — or they’re finding alternatives.

Simply porting your desktop user experience to mobile devices doesn’t work. Customers behave differently on mobile devices than they do on the desktop.  They are more single-task oriented and you often don’t have their full attention. Most of what you’ve learned about user experience over the years is simply not meaningful in the world of tablets.

And which platforms and devices will you need to support? Should you build native apps or mobile web apps?

What about business models for mobile? Product line extensions are nice, but they don’t do much to drive revenue. What business models are available to you on the mobile platform? How might you create new revenue streams via mobile?

For content-centric businesses, understanding the tablet and mobile needs of your users, while anticipating where the market is heading, is rapidly becoming a core business competency. Content Matters can help you develop the right strategy for the near-term, while providing your team with the ability to stay ahead of your customers.

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