Content Marketing Strategies

The old rules of content no longer apply.

In both b2b and b2c markets, buyers are finding new sources of information to rely upon and what was considered “authoritative” content a few years ago is now just another source.

Brands have found the use of content and social media to be a compelling way to drive loyalty and to cultivate influencers.

Yet for most, social media has proven to be a greater challenge than anticipated. It’s hard to gain a strong following and even harder to drive engagement. And at the end of the day, linking that engagement back to actual revenues seems impossible.

Content Matters can help you develop and implement an effective content marketing strategy, tapping into content you may already have and leveraging a mix of web marketing and social media to drive that message. Rather than treating social media as a black box, Content Matters can help you create compelling content that will engage users and drive sharing and that will work in concert with your search and email marketing efforts.

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