Content Matters helps publishers and brands develop and implement effective strategies for delivering content over mobile, tablet and web platforms.

Whether you are looking to reenergize your product development engine, create strategies for new platforms or leverage your content to grow new markets, Content Matters can help. Learn More.

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  • Larry Schwartz, Newstex
  • Kathy Greenler-Sexton
  • Steve Sieck
  • Barry Engel
  • Philip Hotchkiss
  • Nancy Davis Kho
  • Darrell Gunter

Tablet & Mobile

Creating compelling tablet and mobile apps is no longer optional for media and content businesses. Tablets are making significant inroads inside the enterprise and users now expect their providers to deliver apps that delight.

Yet the products that have served your clients well on the desktop are not easily transformed for tablets and mobile devices. And upstart competitors are eager to enter new markets. Your markets. more

Content Marketing

The line between brands and publishers is rapidly blurring. Consumers are finding it harder to differentiate between content sources and the old labels of “authoritative content” no longer apply.

Editorial content and data are rapidly converging, and just as most organizations have mastered SEO, we’re learning that it’s less relevant in today’s mobile and social-driven media environment.¬†more.

Product Strategy

Innovation and new product development is the lifeblood of content companies.

Yet, with few exceptions, new product development rarely gets the attention it requires. The product team gets in a never-ending cycle of updates and upgrades. At the same time, product leaders struggle to stay on top of emerging technologies and platforms and to gain the perspectives needed to drive true innovation. more.